Interim Management

You may have a key senior member of staff leave the business unexpectedly or go on maternity leave. Your business may be growing rapidly and your existing leadership team may simply lack the bandwidth to deal with the increased workload. If you need an experienced technical director for a few days a week or full time for a few months, we can help. We can structure this flexibly to suit your business needs and budget.

This may be especially attractive for new spin outs and smaller companies who wish to move their business forward rapidly on a more commercial basis but do not have the relevant skills or business network in-house. We can support you as you manage these early but crucial steps helping you to build and equip new facilitities, recruit first class staff and establish a robust set of operational procedures and supporting documentation. We are very skilled at the detailed management of multidisciplinary technical teams and we can help your team focus on the commercially relevant data that drives the value of the business rather than the interesting or publishable.

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