Management Consultancy

Our team of consultants have extensive global experience in senior managerial and technical positions in a variety of biotechnology business sectors including Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Renewables.

  • We can work alongside you to translate technical know-how and help make it a commercial reality.
  • We can help you shape corporate strategy to enable your business to gain traction in exisiting markets or to break into new markets.
  • We can help evolving companies craft compelling business plans and engaging investor presentations with ambitious but achievable technical and commercial goals.
  • We can help more mature SME’s, working in rapidly changing environments, by helping to review strategy and establish new or complimentary ways to accelerate entry to developing markets – in particular the extensive opportunities offered by industrial biotechnology.
  • We can provide an experienced sounding-board to listen, support and constructively challenge senior management strategies. We may not be able to immediately identify your best path forward but we can certainly offer advice on what won’t work.
  • We can help support you during times of change. As a group we have seen and led many periods of growth and reduction in the business cycle - we have seen both good and bad practice. We can help you focus on what works best for your setting and help you to motivate your team and get them engaged in achieving rapid transition and successful outcomes.

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