our biotechnology consultancy

BIOTECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTWe are a team of experienced consultants with biotechnology and life sciences backgrounds that can help innovative technology companies develop and grow into robust and exciting businesses or assist academic groups transition from ideas and data to industrial application. We believe strongly that biotechnology can be used to make the world a better place. We have already proven our skills to discover, develop and launch new life-saving medicines, we have discovered and developed new ways to turn waste into biofuels and chemicals. We want to help you make a difference and exploit the huge potential of  industrial biotechnology.


How we work

We don’t believe that one size fits all. You need a range of methods and approaches to deal with the various stages in the testing, development and commercialisation of a new technology. Our consultants have worked in a variety of different settings, from large oil and gas companies to small virtual start-ups.

We’ve taken technology from concept to commercialisation. We are rigorous in our analysis and we will help to develop a robust evidence base to support the business plan as we believe that “the data always has the last word”. We also understand that people are the biggest asset that a company possesses and they are the key to innovation and value creation. We are people-centred and work well in a team environment – however we also recognise that for any business to survive it needs to build value and commercialise.

why choose us

We understand that time and resources are precious in any technology development setting and so we will work with you flexibly and efficiently to deliver results quickly.

We will take a proactive approach to support your ideas and work closely with you to develop an effective plan to build value. Until recently many of our team were hands-on managers in industrial settings and so we have recent experience of addressing all of the challenges of the current business environment. Our business network is current and active. We believe we can help you make a difference.